Pesticide Re-Certification Classes
All Categories
Approved by the Tennessee and Kentucky Departments
of Agriculture.

  Keep your Certification Current!

Pre-registration Cost: $100
$110 Day of Class

Payments accepted:
PayPal - Square
Company Check
- Cash

Call Bill to pre-register!

Upcoming Classes are
listed at
or on the TN Department of Agriculture site:

For more information: 

Contact Bill Randles

Chinese Mantis

Chinese Mantis

New Information 

Fee Increases for TDA, Division of Consumer & Industry Services

 Pesticide Section
Effective July 1, 2016

Should you have any questions; please call 615-837-5148.

Category of Revenue         New Fee      Tier
Certification Exam              $25              Tier 1
Re-Certification                   $25              Tier 1
Product Registration
Late Fee $100.00                $200            Tier 5

Pest Control License
Late Fee $12.00                  $25 per        Tier 1
Solicitor/Technician            $25; $50      Tier 1
Private Applicator               $25               Tier 1   

The new expiration date for all certificates, licenses and permits is June 30th under the rule. However, no one will be penalized because of the new expiration date.  Applicators holding certification cards expiring 12/31/2017 that’s when they will expire.  When you have accrued your CEU’s the new card will be dated for 6/30/2020.

Biennial Fees: Charter, License, Solicitor/Tech,
and Pest Control Consultant

Fees not changing:
RUP Dealer - $50; – Tier 2; Late fee $25.00
Special Local Need - $250 – Tier 6
Aerial Applicator - $200; Tier 5; Late fee $100.00
Aerial Decal - $150 – Tier 4
Charter - $200 –Tier 5: Late fee $100.00
License Exam - $150 – Tier 4
Pest Control Consultant - $250; Tier 6; Late fee $125.00

***For those that do not accrue the required CEU’s by 12/31/2017 the re-certification exam will only be administered in Nashville, TN and not at the remote testing sites.


Pesticide Re-Certification Class on

August 26, 2017

6 Points in All Categories
Approved by Tennessee and Kentucky Departments of Agriculture.
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

At Fifty Forward Donelson Station
108 Donelson Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Call Bill Randles to pre-register:

You have until December 2017 to earn the 18 points needed to keep your certification. Otherwise, you have to take the
certification exam over again in Nashville.




Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Owner and Managers

I can conduct Re-certification workshops at your place of business. Several companies are providing this opportunity for their people during the week. In addition, I am available to teach classes on Inclement Weather Days (Rainy Day) when your employees are not able to work outside. This is a great way to get training and those essential Pesticide Re-Certification Points.  Although this is a relatively new service, several companies have found this a cost effective method of insuring that their people do not lose their certification.

Rate for classes at your site or office:
$90 person for 6 hr class for 10
+ people
$100/person for 6 hr class for 4-9 people
$55/person for 3 hr class for 10+ people
$60/person for 3 hr class for 4-9 people

Black Turfgrass Ataenius

Black Turfgrass Ataenius

Annual Blue Grass

Annual Blue Grass

Algae on Tree bark

Algae on Tree bark