Pesticide Re-Certification Classes
All Categories
Approved by the Tennessee and Kentucky Departments
of Agriculture.

  Keep your Certification Current!

Pre-registration Cost: $100
$110 Day of Class

Payments accepted:
PayPal - Square
Company Check - Cash

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Chinese Mantis


Pesticide Re-Certification Classes

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December 15, 2018



  •  6 Points in All Categories

  • Approved by Tennessee and Kentucky Departments of Agriculture.

  • 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Points approved in all categories.

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Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Owner and Managers!

I can conduct Re-certification workshops at your place of business. Several companies are providing this opportunity for their people during the week. In addition, I am available to teach classes on Inclement Weather Days (Rainy Day) when your employees are not able to work outside. This is a great way to get training and those essential Pesticide Re-Certification Points.  Although this is a relatively new service, several companies have found this a cost effective method of insuring that their people do not lose their certification.

Rate for classes at your site or office:
$100/person for 6 hr class for 10+ people

$110/person for 6 hr class for 4-9 people
$65/person for 3 hr class for 10+ people
$75/person for 3 hr class for 4-9 people

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Black Turfgrass Ataenius